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After many years of planning, summer construction started on the first phase of the 25-mile Standing Boy Trails. The multi-use trail system is located inside the 1,580 acres of Standing Boy Creek Wildlife Management Area in North Columbus on the shore of Lake Oliver. Phase 1 for Standing Boy includes Segments 2,3 and 5 will open September 8, 2019.  Segments 1 and part of 4 will be constructed and open later this Fall. 


Flat Rock Park is part of the city park system and is the result of a collaboration between the local MTB community and Columbus Parks and Recreation and the city council. The entrance is on Warm Springs Road but the park can also be accessed via the Fall Line Trace rail trail which links to the park at the location of the trailhead. The trail was designed to offer something to every level rider and utilizes the parks topographical features to offer a wide array of challenges, flow, and aesthetic features. Surfaces vary from sandy to hard packed clay. Lots of tight sections whose difficulty scales up with your speed.


This is an intermediate skill trail with something for everyone. Easy to access on the Ft Benning military base, the trail is a short distance from Columbus and surrounding areas (trail is open to general public). Recently redesigned to meet standards of the High School Mountain Bike Racing guidelines of for Georgia, the trail is well marked and maintained.


West Point Dam offers some fantastic riding, if you are in the area you owe it to yourself to go and ride these trails, they are tons of fun! They are not overly technical so solid intermediate riders should be able to tackle almost everything the trail has to throw at them, beginners will likely feel like they are in over their heads and should probably stick to the lake side part of the trail.

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